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The Success of Property Booking Websites

Over the past of the decade, we have seen a huge emergence in property booking websites such as AirBnB and Websites like these are platforms where a person can find and reserve spaces in holiday rentals, or in the case of Flyt Stays, book high quality serviced accommodation.

The popularity of sites like this is the result of a number of factors.

The Rise of Online Travel

Of course, the success of these websites cannot be discussed without looking at the massive growth in online methods of booking travel that has happened in recent years.

Just like most industries, travel has become increasingly digital, and property booking websites are a key part of how it has adapted to meet consumers’ needs for technological solutions.

Travellers are increasingly using the internet to book not only their holidays, but for trips they need to make for any reason such as travelling for work or emergency visits, and property rental websites offer a convenient and affordable way to do this.

Convenience and Freedom

Another one of the biggest factors of why these websites do so well is the convenience they offer when compared to pre-digital methods of booking properties.

For example, someone looking to find accommodation in Glasgow only needs to search the name of the city on the platform they’re on, and suddenly they’ll be presented with potentially hundreds of options which they can filter through depending on their needs.

Their success has also been affected by the rise in popularity of serviced accommodation, which sites like AirBnB and Scotland specific platforms like Flyt Stays specialise in.

Serviced accommodation is appealing because of the freedom it offers to tenants: many holiday-goers prefer the size and amenities available in these properties compared to traditional hotels. Depending on the circumstances of the person’s trip, they can also work out to be much more affordable.

It's plain to see from all this that property booking websites have not only had significant success, but also a positive impact on the travel industry as a whole by making it more accessible, affordable, and diverse.

Are you interested in sharing in the success? Well you can: with the help of Flyt Properties, you can convert property into high quality serviced accommodation, and sit back and reap the profits while we take care of managing it. If that sounds good to you, then get in touch!

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