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The Benefits of Serviced Accommodation for Long-Term Stays

Serviced accommodation is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to hotels and other kinds of accommodation, and one of the biggest reasons why is because it’s a great option for those who are planning on travelling for longer trips instead of flying visits.

At Flyt Stays, we’ve been creating high-quality serviced accommodation for years, and in that time we’ve learned how valuable they are for long-term stays. We wanted to cover the reasons why, to make sure you’re aware of all the benefits for the next time you’re planning a lengthy holiday!

Why is Serviced Accommodation Good for Long-Term Visits?

The biggest reason for why serviced accommodation feels so comfortable during longer breaks is because it’s so easy to feel at home.

In a hotel, there’s lots of things you can’t do that you could do at home, so you’re continually reminded that the space you’re staying in is not yours. Serviced accommodation, meanwhile, offers the same kind of privacy and flexibility you’d expect in your own home. You have more space at your disposal that is exclusive to you and your group, including separate bedrooms, lounging rooms and private bathrooms.

In addition to this, you have plenty of amenities, from cooking and laundry equipment to all kinds of other household utensils, giving you means and the freedom to live however you want. This is also cost-effective, as the price of running and using these amenities is all included- hotels and other businesses usually charge extra to let you use services like these.

Serviced accommodation also aims to always be located in close proximity to convenient services like shops and restaurants, meaning it’s easy to keep well-supplied even during long stays, and usually also has access to parking spaces and even outdoor areas like gardens.

Tips for Finding Accommodation for Long Stays

If you want to find serviced accommodation for a long visit, make sure you book early to get the dates you want at the property you want. Read reviews and shop around, focusing not just on what’s available but also the quality of the furnishings and amenities.

There are plenty of websites you can use, but we of course recommend our own, Flyt Stays. We’re not like other booking websites: we can happily guarantee a high quality stay in every single one of our properties, and have the capacity to work with all of our guests to make sure they have the best stay possible, whether you’re using our accommodation for a day or a month.

If serviced accommodation sounds like it could be the answer for your long break away, browse our properties and see what catches your eye! We have accommodation all around Glasgow and across the central belt of Scotland that’s available year-round for long stays.

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