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Below are the main areas we invest ourselves for our clients.

Social Housing / 
Buy to Let

With Social Housing, you can invest in providing affordable homes for those in need while earning steady returns. Buy-To-Let lets you profit from renting out properties, growing your wealth through rental income and property value appreciation. Whether you want to make a positive impact or build your wealth, our straightforward solutions make investing in Social Housing and Buy-To-Let easy and rewarding.


Explore our Serviced Accommodation investment opportunities, where convenience meets profitability. With serviced accommodation, you can provide short-term rental properties furnished with all the comforts of home. Whether it's for business travelers, someone on holiday or anyone seeking a temporary stay, serviced accommodation offers a flexible and lucrative way to generate income. 

Portfolio Review

A review by our property and financial experts can help identify efficiency savings and better ways to maximise the return on your property investment.


Our team can assess the value of your existing property portfolio by calculating your rental yields, taking into account interest rate and market fluctuations, and other aspects that could have an impact on your property investments.


Using this report, one of our financial advisers will then discuss your current Financial position and options, helping you to make informed decisions about how best to manage your property portfolio in line with your own goals and future aspirations.

If you are considering making further property investments, Flyt Properties can keep you abreast of new opportunities.

Maybe you already have a portfolio? We offer a portfolio review where we can help you grow and improve your current strategy to make more money from what you already have so you can invest in more! If you feel stuck not making any money lets check out what's going on behind the scenes and shake things up so you are succeeding!

We helped a landlord go from earning £300 per month to £1000 guaranteed profit every month. If you want results like this get in touch to discuss a portfolio review and lets get you making the cash you deserve from your property investments!

Unsure which strategy is right for you?


Get in touch and our team will help you find the best suited option.



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