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Property Investing Scotland.

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Investing with Flyt Properties.

Property Investment Glasgow

At Flyt Properties we take all those headaches and pitfalls away, as we provide the complete hands-off service to property investing in Scotland.

· We have built up an enviable reputation for knowing which properties, and which areas give the best returns to our investors. We know the best types of properties to invest in and where to get the best returns for your money. And, because your investment is pooled with other investors, we can source properties in the areas where your returns will be better.

· We have a dedicated and professional team of builders and tradesmen, who we have worked with over many years, who we trust to delivery a high finish and quality work when renovating the properties, we source for our clients. They also know the time frames they need to work to so we can project (and protect) the returns for our clients.

· We have a dedicated lettings agency, that we use, if the property we have sourced is for rental. They will screen, interview, and find the right tenants who are reliable and the right credit score to meet the monthly rental stipulated.

· All our renovations meet the required building standards to ensure anyone renting one of our properties is safe and comfortable in their home.

Investing With Flyt.

Flyt offers two levels of investment – contact our team now to discuss what the minimum investment levels are by e-mailing or complete the contact us form on our website.

property investment opportunities Scotland
Property Investment Opportunities Scotland

We invest in two types of property rental markets to attain the returns we achieve.

· Service Rental Market. This is for business short stays for companies that need to house staff in Scotland for a period of between a week and 6 months, and holiday rentals.

· Buy-To-Let Market. This is a longer-term rental environment.

Property Project Management - Property Investing Scotland

We also provide a half-way service of project managing your own property purchase. We will organise and liaise with our team of experienced builders who will get the property up to standard and ready for re-advertisement giving you a complete hands-free experience with great results.

property investment Glasgow

Flyt Properties has a proven track record in the identification, appraisal and acquisition of properties, and the ability to quickly renovate the properties we select. This allows you to start to generate the returns you are looking!

Contact Flyt Properties and start investing in property now!

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