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Q. How much money do I need to start investing with Flyt properties?
A. The minimum investment is £25,000 for a standard buy-to-let for one property inclusive of the sourcing fee, the best investments with higher cash flow can be north of £50,000 inclusive of the sourcing fee.

Q. What do you charge for your sourcing fee?
A. Flyt properties charge £3000 plus vat for properties under £1000 rental income, and £6000 plus vat for properties renting over £1000 per month, the sourcing fee is paid upfront for the required amount of properties.


Q. What kind of returns can I expect from my investment?
A. Our benchmark yield is 10% that will be the minimum you will achieve. Typically £3000 assets will generate £500 net profit per calendar month and £6000 property deals £1000.00 net profit per calendar month. Please note this is subject to geographical location and purchase price.


Q. What services do we offer?
A. We provide a bespoke property sourcing service tailored to your criteria. We work in partnership with Mortgage brokers, solicitors, in-house development team and letting agency providing full management services and tenant find.


Q. What locations do we source properties?
A. We predominantly source properties in the Central belt of Scotland. Through our extensive research in each region we have target areas that we can control purchase prices and maximise rental income and capture excellent capital growth. 


Q. What type of properties do we source?
A. We source a wide range of properties, apartments blocks, cottage flats, terraced, semi- detached, and detached houses. 


Q. Do I own the property?

A. Yes you are the owner of the property. Please not all residential properties in Scotland are freehold.

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